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The Research and Evaluation Department within the Council has earned substantial recognition, both locally in Oakland, CA and regionally throughout the Bay Area. This recognition is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to data-driven research, with a strong focus on racial justice and community engagement issues. The Council's research and evaluation initiatives are designed to offer top-notch analysis to community-based organizations and decision-makers, enhancing our understanding and capacity to enhance interventions and services aimed at addressing complex local challenges. Our success in these endeavors is firmly anchored in the trust we've cultivated within the communities we engage with, as well as in our relationships with funders and partners.


Our data and research efforts serve as a fundamental pillar in supporting our partners and stakeholders. They provide us with the tools to challenge the status quo and eliminate barriers to opportunities for communities of color within the Bay Area and beyond. Our research predominantly centers around crucial areas such as housing, education, health, policing, and violence prevention. Funding for our various initiatives typically originates from city, county, or state governments, supplemented by generous contributions from private and family foundations. Furthermore, our Research and Evaluation Department extends assistance to Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in need of enhanced internal data capabilities, as well as those seeking to subcontract external evaluators for their projects.


The Council's Research and Evaluation Department has a commendable track record of employing a mixed-methods approach. This approach encompasses qualitative, quantitative, statistical, and geospatial methods. Before embarking on a project, the Council carefully assesses which research methods to employ, taking into account project scope, research questions, and available funding. Furthermore, we conduct Data Needs Assessments (DNAs) to assist our partners in enhancing their internal data collection processes and evaluation capabilities.


The Research and Evaluation Team is structured in a horizontal hierarchy to ensure employees' skills and expertise are maximized in roles that best suit their abilities. This approach fosters individual and professional growth, aligning with the organization's mission and values. The horizontal hierarchy emphasizes the combination of experience, skills, and intellectual diversity instead of relying on authoritative or supervisory privileges. It's important to note that all team members report to the Director of Research and Evaluation.


The Research and Evaluation team comprises seasoned Social Science Researchers, Community Research Fellows, practitioners in specific issue areas, and research institutions or Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) as partners.


If you wish to learn more about the Council's previous research and evaluation work or explore potential partnerships, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Director of Research and Evaluation, Rania Ahmed. You can contact her at

The address of the Research and Evaluation Department: 717 El Cerrito Plaza, Unit 717, El Cerrito, California.


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