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The Council generates collective action through collaboration by convening cross-sector tables focused on complex community problems. The Council serves as the collective impact ‘backbone’ organization for six cross-sector collaborative efforts: the Oakland-Alameda Opportunity Youth Initiative, Alameda County Community Assets Network, Bay Area Systems Impacted Consortium (BASIC), Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County, California Opportunity Youth Network, and the Oakland-Alameda Alliance for Boys and Men of Color.
As an incubator for innovative program development, the Council’s efforts have led to the creation of the Black Community Crusade for Children, Mentoring Center, Oakland Unified School District Office of Equity, Oakland Community Land Trust, California Opportunity Youth Network, Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County, Bay Area Young Men of Color Employment Partnership (BAYEP), and Tech Talent Pathways Partnership. 


The Council recognizes that fiduciary support and capacity building are critical, yet often missing, components required for building community strength. The following are several initiatives Urban Strategies Council serves in as either a fiscal agent (FA), a capacity building partner (CBP), or both:

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