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Octavia Racy


Octavia Racy currently serves as the Communications Assistant at Urban Strategies Council. In this role she crafts compelling cultural content for various social media platforms, manages social media content that aligns with the organization's values, partners with local organizations to support multimedia communication needs, and develops complex communication strategies to ensure the organization moves forward internally and externally. She has six years of experience as an educator and three years of experience as a multimedia specialist. She graduated from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design, with a specialty in Media Arts. 


Octavia is a Bay Area native that has a profound love for the community and expresses her creativity through digital storytelling. She manages multiple social media platforms and educates the youth on how to use social media as a resourceful tool. She is passionate about growing an organic online community for one of her social media platforms called @afroofacts which is an Instagram page that provides daily black history facts. Octavia is also a business owner of an online streetwear brand called Limbani Clothing Company. After she successfully set up her own entity and designed her own website, she transitioned into the role as an online business educator that provides step-by-step courses for entrepreneurs that want to successfully set up their own business and website. Octavia is a photographer that loves to travel and captures memorable moments.

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