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Destiny Blueford is a 23 year old who was born and raised in Fairfield, CA. The three words that would describe her are leader, determined, and empathetic. Destiny’s main reason for becoming a Youth Fellow was because she really wanted to do all she could to help others achieve the dreams they may have never thought would’ve been attainable before. Another reason she really wanted to join the USC EYC Fellows was because she loved and still loves working with the youth. Destiny also wants to bring about a positive change within her community by raising up leaders and innovative thinkers. A few causes that are near and dear to Destiny’s heart are, but are not limited to, civil rights, financial literacy, and real-world education rather than solely the education taught in schools. She believes that it is of the utmost importance that we teach our youth and young adults like herself about how to deal with real world situations such as making money, paying bills, and even how to find what it is that you as an individual loves to do. Aside from hosting events that are catered to the youth, Destiny is most excited about getting the opportunity to work with the youth and young adults in her community. Destiny is also thoroughly excited about the change she can foresee coming about within her community.

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