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Justice Reinvestment Coalition of Alameda County 

The Justice Reinvestment Coalition (JRC) of Alameda County is an organization committed to reducing incarceration in Alameda County, California, by shifting the focus from punishment to rehabilitation and community support. The Urban Strategies Council (USC) is a nonprofit organization that provides fiscal sponsorship and strategic support to several community-based organizations, including the JRC.


As the JRC's fiscal sponsor, Urban Strategies Council provides administrative and financial services that allow the JRC to operate effectively as a nonprofit organization. The relationship between the JRC and the USC is based on a shared commitment to promoting social justice and reducing the harm caused by the criminal justice system. Through this partnership, the JRC is able to leverage the USC's expertise and resources to advance its mission while the USC benefits from the JRC's on-the-ground knowledge and experience.


Overall, the partnership between the JRC and the USC is a strong example of how organizations can work together to achieve common goals and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

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