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In 2019, the San Francisco Foundation contracted Urban Strategies Council to examine Oakland residents' knowledge of anti-displacement policies. Our research focused on exploring the following questions:

  • What is the level of Oakland residents’ knowledge of and support for anti-displacement evolving public policy strategies?

  • Are these policies effective in addressing displacement

The Oakland Anti-Displacement Research (OADR) focuses on two gentrifying census tracts in Oakland: Tract 4097 (Castlemont Neighborhood) and Tract 4085 (Arroyo Viejo Neighborhood). The study looks at resident’s knowledge of City policies such as Rent Control, Just Cause Eviction, Rent Review Board or Mediation, and Condominium Conversion Regulations. Findings from 250 surveys and 50 interviews:


  1. Highlight the inequities people of color are facing in displacement

  2. Inform philanthropic anti-displacement investment strategies

  3. Provide resident-focused data for anti-displacement coalitions

  4. Increase residents' awareness of policies that could stop displacement.


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