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Our mission is to eliminate persistent poverty by working with partners to transform low-income neighborhoods into vibrant, healthy communities

Since our founding, the Council has considered research, data and information as foundational to our work and that of communities engaged in social change. The central importance of information to the Council's work is reflected in the fact that we consider Information and Technology as a program area and core organizational skill. The Council's information work is focused on increasing access to public data and information through an online data warehouse and mapping service and building capacity among residents and CBOs to use public data and to collect and analyze their own data. The Council's technology work is focused on increasing access to information technologies among residents and CBOs in low-income communities.


Steve Spiker, Research & IT Director

Current Projects

Our Research & Technology Program staff have extensive knowledge of GIS/mapping technology and provide consulting services to local resident groups, non profits, CBOs and even large public agencies. For details on the types of work we can help you with visit our GIS page.


  • State of Bay Area Blacks Report

The Council was commissioned by Bay Area Blacks in Philanthropy to prepare a two stage report looking at population trends in the Black community and at specific social indicators at a both a regional and neighborhood level. Part I of the report is now available.

Full report
Executive Summary

The Council is involved in program design and evaluation for local CBOs and public agencies. We are th elead evaluators on the Alameda Councy Probation Department's SB81/ROCK pilot program. Call us for more details on how we may assist your organization in this area.


  • Oakland Crime Analysis

We are beggining work on our detailed spatial analysis of the complete police reporting data for the past several years. This will feed into work with our partners OCO, ACORN and others as well as our Liquor Outlet analysis. More to come..


Our new foreclosure resources are online now! Visit our foreclosure and Community Land Trust pages now for details on our intervention plans and resources on the foreclosure process in Oakland!


Our county-wide web based mapping and data system- a free, valuable resource for planning and analysis!


Our Oakland focused web based mapping system with downloadable data on demographics, community assets and more!


Urban Strategies has supported the Alameda County VITA Campaign since its inception- providing data analysis, reporting and mapping services to the member organizations.


Release of Social Compact Market Analyses
August 22 , 2005

Social Compact officially released its Drill Down Market Analysis studies of four Oakland neighborhoods at a public ceremony at the Fruitvale Transit Village. Please click here for a summary snapshot report for Oakland. Click on any neighborhood name below to view a detailed report. :

  • OUSD Performance Analysis

The Council is presently carrying out analysis on the K-12 student population in Oakland schools. We are focusing on attendance issues, school closure patterns, mobility and also the development of a "Virtual Schools" model to examine the effects of "brain drain" in the poorer neighborhoods.


  • Web development

The I&T unit is reponsible for the development of all the Council's websites. Newly developed sites this past year include:



  • GIS & Mapping

The Council currently provides extensive GIS, mapping and spatial analysis support to other CBOs in the Bay Area. For more information on the types of services we can provide with mapping technology please visit our GIS Services page


  • Probation Department Evaluation

The Council is currently working with the Alameda County Probation Department on an evaluation of a new pilot program to reduce recidivism and violence amongst younger probationers.




Program Goals

  1. Increase the availability and access to public data by residents and CBOs
  2. Increase capacities of residents and CBOs to collect, analyze and use data and information to support their change efforts
  3. Increase access to information technologies in low-income communities of color
  4. Increase the capacities of low-income residents and CBOs to use information technologies

Program Strategies

  1. Develop a data warehouse and online data service to increase access to public data and information
  2. Develop and offer training and technical assistance to increase resident and CBO capacities to conduct research and use data and information to support social change
  3. Create a saturation project to increase the amount of information technologies available to CBOs and residents and create an Information Technologies Support delivery system for residents and CBOs
  4. Develop a technologies innovation project to centralize some technology-related services that cannot be economically sustained by individual organizations

We are proud partners of and a founding member of the National Beighborhood Indicators partnership, a collaborative effort by the Urban Institute and local partners to further the development and use of neighborhood information systems in local policymaking and community building.




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