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Oakland Reads 2020


The Oakland community is launching an eight year literacy campaign, Oakland Reads 2020, to achieve the collective, long-term vision of a city where all children enter kindergarten ready for schools that are ready for them, where all of our students read proficiently, with comprehension, by third grade, and go on to graduate from high school prepared to enter college and career. Oakland Reads 2020 will support early literacy by developing and expanding community-based solutions to support four core foundational components: school readiness, school attendance, summer learning and parent engagement.

Oakland Reads 2020 is a chapter of the National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, a collaborative effort by funders, nonprofit partners, states, and communities to move the needle on third grade reading proficiency and address the developmental and academic targets that children need to reach to be successful. The overarching goal of Oakland Reads 2020 is to have 85% of Oakland's third grade students reading at grade-level and on track for success by the year 2020.

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The Role of Urban Strategies Council:

Urban Strategies Council has been part of the coordinating council for the Oakland Reads 2020 Literacy Campaign since its inception and has been asked to develop an evaluation plan and recommendations for literacy interventions at the Brookfield Elementary School pilot. The Council also continues to support strategic planning for the campaign by working with the Oak Reads 2020 Coordinating Council and the Oakland Literacy Coalition.